Fee Info/Scholarships


An invoice will be sent at the beginning of each term. Fees are non-refundable, however, missed classes can be made up. Fee reductions will not be given for classes missed due to holidays / overseas trips taken during term time.
A 10% discount applies to tuition fees for a second family member.

Payments must be CASH or CHEQUE or DIRECT DEBIT

Please do not send payment to the Keysborough address.


Awards and Scholarships for 2017

There will be two half-scholarships awarded at the end of Term 4.

These scholarships will halve the recipient’s fees upon enrolment for 2018. Encouragement awards will also be presented at each level, for each different style of dance. These awards will be presented at the conclusion of the 2017 Annual Gala Performance.

Stagecraft Classes

Incorporated into Term 4 classes, and also into rehearsals, will be stagecraft. Children will be taught how to present themselves on stage, how to enter and exit the stage correctly, and how to maintain their persona/character whilst performing on stage. This is a fundamental facet of any form of theatre training.

Please Remember

1)    Upon enrolment, please be sure to provide a telephone number where you can be contacted at all times.

2)    Please notify the ballet school if you are unavoidably delayed in collecting your child.

3)    Please encourage children to be responsible for their own belongings.

4)    Please ensure all clothing is named (including shoes; initials are sufficient). No responsibility will be taken for lost or stolen property.

5)    We would prefer if parents do not stay to watch classes. A date will be set aside towards the end of each term for an open day. ( Usually the last weeks of Terms 1, 2, and 3 )

6)    Students must be collected from the studio and will not be permitted to wait in the corridor or outside the centre. The school cannot be held responsible if parents do not adhere to this rule.

7)    Students needing to wait for a late parent must be aware of the class in progress and behave accordingly. They may not wait unattended outside the venue.

8)    Please be prompt in collecting your child after class. It is very distracting for the next class if children are still waiting for a parent.

9)    Ballet school staff are unable to wait with children who are not collected at the designated time (emergencies an exception). Please ensure your enrolment details are up to date and correct, with a current emergency contact number.

10) Unless an enrolment form is received, the student will be unable to participate in class.

11)  Please contact the ballet school by text or phone if your child is to be absent from a class.