Uniform Requirements

Girls – Junior School: Sugar Plum Fairies – Preparatory Level 1

Cotton lycra sleeveless leotard in Jacaranda.
Crossovers may be worn for warmth and must be in Jacaranda.
Mauve/lilac circular chiffon skirt.
Pink leather ballet shoes with half inch pink elastic sewn across the instep.
Pink flesh tights or white cotton socks in summer. Jacaranda hair ribbon on comb.
Hair must be secured in a neat bun (no ponytails).
Please note: Students from  Level 1 upwards must have pink nylon/satin ribbons on ballet shoes. These are available from Capezio, Bloch, Energetiks in Moorabbin and Fountain Gate, and Upstage Dancewear @ 24 Langhorne St., Dandenong.

Girls – Middle School, Level 1 – Level 3. PLEASE NOTE: The Middle School Uniform is only available to purchase from Upstage Dancewear at 24 Langhorne St, Dandenong and THE DANCING YEARS at Frankston. It is NOT AVAILABLE at either Bloch or Energetiks.

Sleeveless Tactel style leotard in Mulberry  T C L O 3
Crossover in Mulberry  T C C O 1
Pink leather ballet shoes with pink nylon/satin ribbons (split or full sole).
Pink/flesh tights.
Wrap Skirt in Mulberry  T C W S O 1
Leg warmers optional.
Hair must be secured in a neat bun.

Mulberry hair ribbon on comb.

Girls Senior School Level 4 – Senior/Excellence

Cotton lycra sleeveless  leotard in either black or deep purple.Crossover in either black or deep purple.Wrap skirt in either black or deep purple.
Pink leather demi pointe shoes with pink ribbons.
Pink/flesh tights. Deep purple hair ribbon on comb.
One inch flesh nylon ribbons on Pointe shoes with elastic on heels if needed.

N.B: Please do not buy Pointe shoes without first consulting the ballet school.An appointment with a dance physiotherapist will be necessary for every student considering pointe work.

Boys – All Levels

White short sleeve leotard.
Black stirrup or footless lycra tights.
Black leather ballet shoes with half-inch elastic sewn across the instep.
Short white or black socks.

Students wishing to undertake classical ballet exams will need to purchase a circular or wrap tie skirt, according to their level.

Contemporary  –  (all levels)

Black sleeveless leotard and black footless tights.

Jazz  –  (all levels)

Black sleeveless leotard and black footless tights.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz : Elasta Boot  SO4999G in tan

Tap: Both Levels

Uniform as above.
Students may wear a black lycra skirt over dance pants if desired.

Tap Shoes

Tap on style S0302G/L in black.

Hip Hop

Black sleeveless leotard and black footless tights and sneakers.

Ballet school jackets with the school logo are available to purchase at the ballet school.Prices vary according to size.

Uniform items are available for purchase from  Bloch Dance Wear
Shops at Chadstone,  Camberwell,  Doncaster or  City/Southgate and  The Dancing Years Frankston,  Energetiks   Moorabbin and Fountain Gate and from  Upstage  Dancewear at  24 Langhorne St,  Dandenong.