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System of Training

Our system is based on the Russian Vaganova Method of classical ballet. The program has been developed by adapting the existing eight year Vaganova method to become a twelve year training and assessment program. This enables ballet students to study this program from 5 years of age as part time students. The twelve year program is designed to suit the needs of all classical ballet students who are unable to take full time dance training from an early age. The program emphasizes correct placement, dynamics and performing quality and aims to develop in the student a professional attitude which will assist them in the pursuit of a career either as a professional dancer or teacher.

Aims and Objectives.

1.     To develop body awareness.
2.     To explore imagination and creativity and to promote the child’s kinesthetic sensitivity.
3.     To complement the acquisition of motor skills.
4.     To enhance self discovery, perception and concentration.
5.     To develop a stronger sense of ‘self’ through the growth of movement confidence.
6.     To explore and consolidate both technique and artistry.
7.     To develop new friendships, self confidence and have fun !

Dance is unique in that it is simultaneous in movement, thought and feeling, and is an extension of the child’s natural movement.